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samurai_07In my dreams I hear the distant rumble of horse hooves striking the ground leaving impressions in the dew soaked grass. A top of each horse a rider who sits firmly in place, back taught with pride and anticipation. Clad in iron and leather fashioned by skilled smiths who poured their soul into each hammered rivet and every delicate lacquered brush stroke. The Samurai of legend sees in his mind’s eye the upcoming encounter. Absorbing the warm rays of the sun as if storing energy for his soul. He sees his goal. Purposeful perfection in what may be his last moment.

I am profoundly moved by the honor to show some of the finest armor available. A sense of responsibility sometimes overwhelms me when I realize that I am a custodian of such meaning pieces of history.

Many think we are left with just the romantic notion of what the Samurai were all about and what they stood for. But we have something more, what has survived of their armor. What they fought in and sometimes died in. I hope for those of you that are fortunate enough to obtain one of these treasures you take a brief moment to remember who the Samurai were, what they stood for and what their armor meant to them.

Long live the Samurai.

Monte Schumacher, Owner

CONTACT: monteschumacher@gmail.com

Shogun Art Gallery

Samurai-Photo-40-VER2-230x300From Wall Street in New York to Old Kyoto the team that brings you Shogun Art represents a wealth of experience in art, collecting, business and marketing.

Shogun Art Gallery is considered by many to be the leading international source of rare antique Japanese Samurai Armor and Art.

No exclusive Japanese Samurai Armor source anywhere in the world can provide you with a larger selection of high quality items.

We are custodians of some wonderful pieces of history. We truly do see ownership as a responsibility. Our goal remains clear in our minds…to bring the world of collecting the finest Samurai Armor that is available.

The items listed on our website represent a part of our inventory. If you are looking for specific items please let us know as we may already have just what you are looking for. If you do decide to purchase an item from us you can be assured that the item has been throughly researched to the best of our ability. It is our goal for this website to continue to expand to teach others about the Japanese Samurai and their fascinating culture which has contributed so much to mankind. Thank you for visiting.


We specialize in working independently as consultants and advisors for our clients, ensuring the most professional, unbiased and reliable expertise within the international antiques market. We assist clients in all phases of their art collection and acquisition, as well as helping clients in the de-acquisition process. As part of our comprehensive services for all of your fine art needs, we have resources which we have personally used that we regularly recommend coordinate with our clients. We help with all of your fine art needs, including; coordinating and recommendation of best Art Insurers, conservators, art handling and transportation, fine art storage and collection management.


Consignments of items that are of a type and value typically sold at Shogun Art are always welcome. We handle single items as well as entire collections. With exceptional prices achieved for art, antiques and collectibles, Shogun Art is committed to our client’s success while providing exceptional customer service.

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