Ebay Samurai Armor Purchasing


We have noticed lately that a fair number of our armor photographs have been copied and posted for sale on Ebay by an unknown seller. Of course this is clearly fraud and we have reported the matter to the proper authorities. It is important to be extremely careful when purchasing authentic samurai armor on the internet. There are a number of sellers on the internet that regularly sell mismatched or recently restored samurai armor. For the average collector it may look “good” but the difference in value between a comparable suit of armor that is mismatched and one that is matched and unaltered can be significant. We recommend that you ask a lot of questions before you buy. It is very helpful to ask for additional photos as well.

All of our armor is here in the United States. Be cautious about dealing with overseas dealers as it is quite difficult to resolve issues. As the premier supplier of authentic japanese samurai armor we maintain very strict guidelines as to what items we will buy for our customers. We pass on much more armor than we buy. Unfortunately that is not the case for other dealers. We generally see many of the items that we pass on for sale on other dealer’s websites.

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