We specialize in working independently as consultants and advisors for our clients, ensuring the most professional, unbiased and reliable expertise within the international antiques market. We assist clients in all phases of their art collection and acquisition, as well as helping clients in the de-acquisition process. As part of our comprehensive services for all of your fine art needs, we have resources which we have personally used that we regularly recommend coordinate with our clients. We help with all of your fine art needs, including; coordinating and recommendation of best Art Insurers, conservators, art handling and transportation, fine art storage and collection management.


Consignments of Japanese Samurai Armor items that are of a type and value typically sold at Shogun Art are always welcome. We handle single items as well as entire collections. With exceptional prices achieved for art, antiques and collectibles, Shogun Art is committed to our client’s success while providing exceptional customer service.

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